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Ways to teach with student blogs and digital,visual arguments

A Collaborative Writing about Writing Essay

For this essay, you will be using the collaborative writing of your writing group to craft an essay that responds to this question posed at the onset of this course: … Continue reading

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Working with MIT’s Annotation Studio

  Here’s a link to a prezi I created to show my students’ first reflections on working with MIT’s Annotation Studio:  http://prezi.com/pje7jhy_ifqs/working-with-annotation-studio-in-first-year-composition/

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Some Outcomes of Directed Student Blogging

Here’s a link to a prezi I created to start a conversation about the results of directed student blogging: http://prezi.com/4hybbwacb3vr/some-outcomes-of-directed-student-blogging/

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An Ethnography Project for First-Year Writing Students: The 5 x 5 (fivebyfive)

I. Introduction to the Project Show me what you love, and I’ll tell you who you are.  Sherry Turkle notes:  “I’ve learned that the little devices most of us carry … Continue reading

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An Ethnography Project for Writing Students, WAC-inflected.

Here’s a link to the Hofstra WAC blog with my blogpost about my students’ exceptional video project involving interviews of faculty and administrators about writing across the curriculum. http://hofstrawac.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/reflecting-on-the-ways-of-writing-at-hofstra/ At … Continue reading

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The four-letter word project

PART I The Four-letter word project: Using 24- 32 images, create a visual argument (not an observation or statement) that reinforces your understanding, perspective, or unpacking of the non-obscene four-letter … Continue reading

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Working with student invention blogs

Blogs are not a genre necessarily.  They are a medium which is “just a ‘middle,’ an in-between or go-between, a space or pathway or messenger that connects two things – … Continue reading

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Blog this.

Blogs can be an efficient means for presenting various kinds of writing.  They are also very inviting spaces for drafting and inventing.  The way you propose that your students blog … Continue reading

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Thinking about the video essay

What other ways are there to make arguments?  What are the pitfalls of such projects? More to come!

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When the essay is the gloss

How does one integrate writing into the curriculum when students have relegated the essay to the margins?  When the essay is the gloss, it might be best to meet students … Continue reading

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